HP, Sun, and Dell Maintenance

ATServe has be maintaining computer equipment since 1985. We have developed a strong reputation of going the extra mile to take care of our customers. Our employees have been in the industry for over twenty years and average over fifteen years with ATServe. We service Intel, HPUX, MPE and End of Life Oracle (Sun) based servers and their peripherals. Our technicians are HP Blade, Proliant and Dell certified

ATServe performs pre-site inspections at no charge for our new customers. We will come to your site and go over your equipment with you. This eliminates surprises of when the paperwork doesn’t equal reality. No one is happy when the engineer arrives onsite to replace a failed 72 Gb disk, as the paperwork indicates, when in reality it is a failed 146Gb. A pre-site inspection eliminates these unwanted surprises.

Each engineer has local inventory so there is no waiting for parts. Some service company’s four hour response means the engineer arrives on site, does his diagnostics and then orders the required parts. They, technically, have met their four hour onsite requirement. ATS’s engineers will arrive on site with the right parts to immediately solve the issue and eliminate needless downtime. Your productivity goes up while your costs go down.

Speaking of costs going down, our discount for post warranty servers averages around 50% depending on quantity.